For Backcountry Safety Use Garmin InReach Mini


Quick Summary

  • Garmin InReach Mini satellite communicator provides two-way text capability using the global Iridium satellite network:
  • Push the SOS button to activate a 24/7 rescue organization
  • Family and friends can track your location on a convenient website
  • Optional real-time weather updates to stay safe in the backcountry or when off-grid
  • Long life battery lasts up to 50 hours


The Garmin InReach Mini is a satellite communicator that provides two-way text messaging via the global Iridium satellite network.* You can send messages to loved ones or request assistance from emergency crews – no cell service required! Its small size makes it very easy to carry with you at all times when off the grid or simply traveling across the country. The easy to find SOS button activates a 24/7 rescue organization called GOES that will coordinate your help or rescue anywhere in the United States and in many international areas. They will even help coordinate an offshore rescue! You can also use the InReach to download weather updates and maps to your paired mobile device. Garmin InReach Mini

We always take our Garmin InReach with us when venturing beyond the paved road. It’s reassuring to know that if something bad happens, whether it’s a health or safety emergency or simply a vehicle mechanical failure, help is just a click away. No cell signal required! Additionally, our family can stay up to date on our progress – we text them at the end of the day to let them know we are okay or they can track our location (permission controlled) via the Garmin InReach website. 

Recommended Subscription Plan

It’s super convenient to use the month-to-month payment plan that allows us to turn on the device service when we need to use it and turn it off when we won’t be using it. We don’t travel every weekend so it’s helpful to only pay for service when we need it! Frequent travelers can opt for a recurring monthly service plan or one that increases the custom text message allotment. 

Using the Garmin InReach Website

When using the Explore Garmin website, we highly recommend you setup your access options BEFORE leaving on your trip. It requires an internet connection to set password protection and alert options – things you can’t do once you leave cell tower access. Trust us – we’ve made this mistake before!

Mounting the InReach Mini To Your Vehicle

You do not need to mount the InReach Mini to your vehicle for it to function properly, but we found it’s more convenient to mount it on our dash mounted rail for convenient access to the SOS button, it’s easier to see the screen and any incoming messages, access to power and a clear view of the sky for GPS signal. We purchased the Ram Mounts spine clip holder to attach the Garmin InReach to our dash mounted rail 1” Ram ball mount.  RAM Mounts Spine Clip Holder with Ball for Garmin Handheld Devices RAM-B-202-GA76U:

When hiking, we simply clip the InReach Mini to our belt or backpack using the provided carabiner clip or the provided loop.

What’s in the box

  • inReach mini
  • USB Cable
  • Carabiner Clip
  • Spine mount adapter
  • Documentation

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