Rebelle Rally All Women Off Road Contest Begins

Rebelle Rally Off Road Challenge

The 2021 Rebelle Rally begins today! This all women off road rally tests drivers skills in off road driving, navigation, and overcoming challenges over 8 days and 1,400 miles in the American Southwest desert. The kicker: NO GPS, NO CELL PHONES, NO OUTSIDE ASSISTANCE! Vehicle formats include SUVs, cross-overs, and pickups with gasoline and electric power plants.

Started in 2015, the Rebelle Rally has become the premier off road rally for women in the United States. Contestants come from all over the nation to compete in navigational challenges where they must read paper based maps, geography and the terrain to find hidden beacons… points are awarded to the team who finds the most beacons! 

Rebelle Rally Off Road Contest
The Rebelle Rally is an all women off road driving and navigation contest in the desert Southwest.

The Rally has also become a test bed for vehicle manufacturers and is now supported by Jeep, Porsche, Nissan, Toyota, Kia, Mitsubishi, Ford and Honda. It’s a great place to test off road vehicles under the stress of competition in one of the most formidable locations the country has to offer. After all, not only must contestants use a map to find the beacons, their vehicle must also run reliably and be capable enough to get through the many rock and sand obstacles along the way.

This year’s vehicle entries include the all new plug-in hybrid Jeep Wrangler 4xe, adding another electrified competitor after the success of last year’s Rivian R1T. Vehicles are placed in two classes: 4×4 Vehicles and X-Cross Vehicles. And while contestants are allowed, heck encouraged, to up-fit their rigs it’s still a challenging environment. This can be especially true for the X-Cross category since these vehicles tend to be designed for the mall or open road with only occasional true off road adventures. But at the Rebelle Rally – the crossovers compete on the same course as the SUVs and trucks.

Fans can track the progress of their favorite teams online at including tonight’s kickoff party. You can also track the exact location of each vehicle on the Rebelle website at

Good luck ladies!

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