Lexus GX Hitch for Boats and Trailers

The Lexus GX470 and GX460 both make great towing vehicles but having the right equipment is necessary for safe and comfortable towing – this starts with a good trailer hitch. Whether you are towing an overland trailer, off road trailer, boat trailer or just a bike rack or cargo rack if you don’t currently have a trailer hit you’ll need to install one. Check out this popular model from Curt, a trusted manufacturer of trailer hitches.

Whether you’re towing a boat, towing a cargo carrier or just need to tow your tailgating gear, this CURT Lexus GX460 class 3 trailer hitch will deliver dependability and versatility. This stout, heavy-duty vehicle hauler features a 2-inch x 2-inch receiver tube and can accept a ball mount or other accessories. It’s also rust-resistant, chip-resistant and UV-protected and black powder coat for extra durability.

This hitch is rated for 5,000 lbs. gross trailer weight and 500 lbs. tongue weight (limited to lowest-rated towing component). Constructed with corrosion-resistant materials and superior powder coat finish, this hitch protects against rust through the use of advanced technology that coats both sides of the metal. It’s capable of pulling up to 5,000 lbs. with ease and can be used in conjunction with a ball mount, cargo carrier or bike rack to haul extr a gear

Don’t compromise form for function. With a lightweight, sleek design and all-metal components, this class 3 hitch is an easy fit with your vehicle

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