Lexus GX460 Floor Mats – Upgrade from OEM

Lasfit Lexus GX460 Floor Liner Mat Review

Lasfit, maker of quality lighting products, recently released a line of high quality Lexus GX floor liners that are custom measured using 3D lasers for a perfect fit. They are made from high quality materials that are tough, waterproof and don’t have an odor. The provide better coverage than the OEM floor liners / floor mats with higher walls, longer mats, and special door sill lips to catch the mud, rain, snow and dirt that collects in your floorboards. Our Lasfit floor liner review compares the Lasfit floorboard weatherproof mats against the Lexus OEM floor mats. If you are looking for better floor and carpet protection against rain, mud, dirt, snow, spills, food and kids these are a great, affordable product!

Lasfit Lexus GX460 Floor Mats Liners Review

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Lasfit Lexus GX460 floor mats are perfectly aligned with the contours of your car and they are surrounded by a raised outer edge to help contain any spill, mud, snow and more. Lasfit floor mats are pleated specifically so they will snugly fit your vehicle while also allowing air flow through the mat. They are constructed of durable TPE materials which allows them to hold up under harsh conditions with easy cleanup in case of spills or leaks. These all weather protection floor liners for cars help keep your car floor clean and dry no matter what you might encounter on your travels. Lasfit floor mats are made from a durable yet flexible material that provides outstanding all-weather protection for your vehicles interior. Each mat is custom designed to the exact shape of your vehicle, making it the perfect fit for your car, truck or SUV. Each mat has channels designed to drain rain, snow and mud away from feet and shoes, keeping them dry and clean.

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