A diverse range of offroad and aftermarket performance parts is available to transform the Lexus GX460 into a formidable offroad and overlanding vehicle. Lift kits and suspension upgrades from reputable brands like Icon Vehicle Dynamics and Old Man Emu offer improved ground clearance and enhanced offroad handling, allowing for larger tires and better obstacle traversal. Robust skid plates made from materials like steel or aluminum provide critical protection for the undercarriage when navigating rugged terrain. Roof racks and rooftop tents expand storage and accommodation capabilities for extended adventures. Offroad bumpers, such as those offered by ARB, not only offer front-end protection but also provide mounting points for winches and auxiliary lighting. Enthusiasts can further customize their GX460 with all-terrain tires, rock sliders, performance exhaust systems, and advanced lighting solutions, creating a well-rounded offroad vehicle equipped to tackle diverse terrains and conditions with confidence.

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