Lexus GX Overland Build

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The Lexus GX 460 Overland Build. Is the Lexus GX good for overland and off road adventures? Why would I choose the Lexus GX for overlanding and offroading? How do you setup a Lexus GX for offroading? I’ll answer these questions and give you the exact specs on my rig – hopefully they inspire your own Lexus GX build. If you have any questions – please feel free to ask!

Is the Lexus GX good for overlanding and off road adventures?

In a word, yes! First, it is build on the world proven Land Cruiser platform known for plying the worst roads, mile after mile, without failure. It is common to see Land Cruisers with 300,000+ miles on them due to their incredible build strength and rock solid engine.

Secondly, the Lexus GX comes with many capabilities and options that give it the ability to perform off road including:

  • All wheel drive (AWD or full-time 4wd)
  • Downhill Assent Control
  • Hill Ascent Control
  • Locking Differential
  • Crawl Control
  • Multi Terrain Control
  • KDSS
  • A Trac
Lexus GX Overland Hidden Falls Adventure CBI Bumper
Lexus GX Overland
Lexus GX Overland
Lexus GX Overland

Third, because of the Lexus GX wheelbase, width and powerful V8 engine, the SUV makes an incredibly comfortable highway driving vehicle. Most of us need to drive to get to our overland or off road adventures which means driving many highway miles – so it’s nice to have a comfortable highway cruiser capable of sustaining 80+ mph at a reasonable mpg.

Fourth, the aftermarket support for the Lexus GX supports a wide array of vehicle customizations and configurations from wild rock crawling rig to mild daily driver with overland capabilities. While the Lexus GX460 options are “up and coming” the GX470 options are plentiful and many Toyota 4Runner aftermarket options can be used.

Lexus GX Overland Pikes Peak
Lexus GX Overland Pikes Peak

Fifth, while I don’t plan to sell my Lexus GX anytime soon the resale value for all Toyotas (and Lexus GX specifically) are known to hold their value over time making them a sensible investment.

In summary, I chose the Lexus GX for off roading and overlanding because it has a proven, reliable platform, off road capabilities, a powerful engine, plently of aftermarket support, holds it value, and provides all the room for my family and their gear.

Lexus GX Overland Texas Hill Country Route
Lexus GX Overland Texas Hill Country Route

How does the Lexus GX compare to the Jeep Wrangler, Toyota 4Runner, Toyota Tacoma and Land Rover Defender? Click here for a comparison of overland and off road vehicles.

Lexus GX Overland Build Sheet:

Lexus GX Overland Build Video

Lexus GX Phone Dashboard Accessory Mount
Lexus GX460 Dashboard Accessory Mount
Lexus GX460 Overland Rear Drawer Options
Let's be honest – overlanding and offroading often requires a lot of …

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Overland Equipment

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9 thoughts on “Lexus GX Overland Build

  1. greetings from costa rica. can someone recommend a quality shop in TX, CO, or MT to install a CBI front bumper and other aftermarket products on a GX 460. I am buying the vehicle there and will make the desired modifications in the USA prior to shipping it to the Costa Rica.

    1. If close to Houston Texas. Take a look at Duggies Garage. They are very well know in the area for offroad upgrades. T4R and 2014 GX460. Have been to their shop. They can be busy but worth waiting to have them work on vehicle. IMO

    1. Really enjoy it. Ride is very close to stock. A little firm (like when suspension is in Sport mode) but as soon as its loaded even slightly it rides like butter. No repairs after 1.5 yrs with some drfinite offroad abuse.

  2. Hello TXGX,
    thank you for sharing and detailing the works. I just bought 2021 model and came with exact tire size and wheels set up similar to yours. I do a lots of fishing so beaching alone the east cost with soft sand is my main things.
    Do you think that I will need a lift in addition to Falken Wildpeak 265/65/18?
    Btw is this the exact model of the tires WILDPEAK H/T02 2656/65/18?
    thank you

    1. First – many apologies for not responding sooner! I don’t have a lot of experience driving on the beach but from what I understand the biggest risk is getting stuck in the sand without any anchors from which to winch out (e.g. trees, rocks, etc). I’ve seen some people in this scenario remove their spare tire, bury it deep in the sand, and use it as a land anchor and attachment point for their winch line. Traction matts also work really well as long as you aren’t buried up to your bumper.

      As for a lift – I know some people have put even larger tires on without a suspension lift, so I would think you would be fine. The thing you’ll need to watch out for is if the tires rub the frame when turned over hard. There is also a body mount bracket (located on the frame… I think rearward of the u-joint) where some people get rubbing and have to cut it off. It’s called a body mount chop. You can try having your local tire shop mount the tire and see if it rubs – then decide if you want to have them installed without a lift.

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