Lexus GX460 Overland Rear Drawer Options

Lexus GX460 Rear Overland Drawers

Let’s be honest – overlanding and offroading often requires a lot of additional gear from camping, cooking and clothing gear to 4×4 and recovery gear. All of this offroad gear often gets thrown in the back and quickly becomes a disorganized, clanging and dangerous mass. These overland drawers help bring organization to your Lexus GX460 for all your gear in various sizes, options and prices.

These drawer systems typically:

  • Are made from high-quality materials, such as steel or plywood, to withstand the rigors of off-road travel
  • Have lockable drawers to keep your gear safe and secure
  • Slide out on heavy-duty drawer slides for easy access to your gear
  • Can be customized with accessories, such as a fridge slide or a sleeping platform

Here are some popular overland storage and drawer systems that fit the Lexus GX460:

  • Front Runner Toyota Prado 150/Lexus Gx 460 Drawer Kit SSTP003
  • Lexus GX 460 Drawer Kit – Floor Mount – By Big Country 4×4
  • SHW Offroad GX460 Expedition Series Drawer System
  • Dobinsons Rear Dual Roller Drawer System Lexus GX460 2010-2021 with Fridge Slide with rear A/C system

Front Runner Toyota Prado 150/Lexus Gx 460 Drawer Kit SSTP003

Product Dimensions:

  • Overall Dimensions: 1381mm (54.4″) W x 888mm (35″) L x 332mm (13.1″) H
  • Internal Drawer Dimensions:
    • Left Hand Side: 817mm (32.2″) L x 386mm (15.2″) W x 213mm (8.4″) H
    • Right Hand Side: 817mm (32.2″) L x 386mm (15.2″) W x 213mm (8.4″) H
  • Weight: 74.42kg (164.1lbs)
  • Load Rating: 113Kg (250lbs) per Drawer
  • Special Notes: 4 Drawer dividers (SSCA048) can fit each Drawer

Lexus GX 460 Drawer Kit – Floor Mount – By Big Country 4×4

  • 2 x 21.2 gallon drawers  
  • Requires complete removal of 3rd row seats
  • Uses Heavy Duty telescopic sliders allowing the drawer to open out all the way.
  • The drawer sliders can handle up to 255lbs per pair at 60% travel – you will have to try very hard to overload this drawer.
  • Lockable
  • Bolted down with custom mounts – no turnbuckles
  • Supplied with 2 x wedge-in dividers

Optional Extras

  • Heavy duty drop-in boxes $50 ea.  
  • Tip-up / removable work surface $50 ea.

Product overall dims: Height 10 1/4″     Length 37 3/4″     Width 36 1/4″

Internal packing sizes (each drawer):  Height  8″   Length   37″    Width   16 1/2″

Weight 154lbs

SHW Offroad GX460 Expedition Series Drawer System


  • Fits 2010-2022 Lexus GX460
  • Two drawers
  • 20.5×36 Tilting fridge slide
  • Wings included
  • Sleeping platform optional add on
  • Table top optional add on
  • Weighs approximately 140bs

External Drawer System Dimensions: 38″L X 42″W X 12.6″H

Rear Dual Roller Drawer System Lexus GX460 2010-2021 with Fridge Slide with rear A/C system

  • Drawer Dimensions
    • External 35.4″ (L) x  39.4″ (W) x 10″ (H) (11.2″ from mounting ribs)
    • Internal (Each Drawer) 33″ (L) x 17.1″ (W) x 7.7″ (H)
    • Between Tie Downs 22″ (L) x 12.2″ (W)
  • Weight Capacity
    • 330LB Drawer Capacity on Heavy Duty Roller Bearing System
    • 220lb Fridge Slide Capacity
  • Built in Heavy Duty Fridge Slide
  • 8 x Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Tie Down Points
  • 1.6mm Zinc Plated Robust Steel Construction
  • Aluminum Edging Protection
  • Heavy duty lockable latches
  • 12mm Heavy Duty Ply Wood Panels with Marine Carpet Covering
  • For Replacement Bearings use part numbers
    • 608-RS – 8mmx22mmx7mm
    • 6200-2RS – 10mmx30mmx9mm

When choosing a drawer system for your Lexus GX460, consider your needs and budget. Think about how much gear you need to store, and what features are important to you. You may also want to consider the weight of the drawer system, as this can affect the fuel economy of your vehicle.

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