Fenders & Flares

Offroad fender flares are essential accessories designed to provide both protection and style to offroad vehicles. These flares extend beyond the vehicle’s original fenders, serving as a barrier against flying debris, mud, rocks, and other hazards encountered on rugged trails. They help prevent damage to the vehicle’s body and paintwork, preserving its appearance and resale value. Popular brands like Bushwacker, Smittybilt, and EGR offer a wide range of offroad fender flare options, each with unique features. Some fender flares are designed to provide extra tire clearance, accommodating larger, more aggressive offroad tires. Others offer a rugged, textured finish for a more aggressive look, while some are paintable to match the vehicle’s color. Offroad fender flares are not just protective but also allow for customization, enabling offroad enthusiasts to enhance their vehicle’s performance and aesthetics while ensuring it remains resilient in demanding offroad environments.

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