Best Off Road and Overland Trails in Texas

Texas Overland Off Road Jeep Trails

Texas has many off-road and overland trails to enjoy with your 4×4, overland, Jeep or soft-roader vehicle. While most land in Texas is privately owned – there are still places you can get the tires dirty and roam free!

NOTE: The Forest Service is closing trails at an alarming rate. Some of the trails below may no longer be open. Proceed with caution – confirm status before traveling.

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Texas Off Road and Overland Trails

Off-road and OHV Parks.

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Off Road and Overland Trails Descriptions:

Texas Hill Country Overland Route – One of the most famous Texas overland trails, this paved and unpaved trail snakes its way through spots like Llano and Mason and other scenic towns in the Texas Hill Country. It’s also known for its multiple water crossings including the well known James River Rd crossing on the Llano River. It can be done over a few hours or enjoy spots along the way and turn this into a full weekend drive.
Hidden Falls OHV Loop – Actually a combination of trails at Hidden Falls, this is a great way to experience the full perimeter of the large Hidden Falls park. The North Pole trails can be medium to difficult, especially with a long wheel base or without a suspension lift, so plan accordingly. If you are uncertain if your vehicle can tackle the terrain they have many other trails for all vehicle types.
Old Ore OHV Road – Trail is known for beautiful vistas and desolate landscape. Running north/south through Big Bend National Park, this 26 mile long trail can be run in a stock 4×4 vehicle with good tires when conditions are dry and normal. If it has recently rained or snowed traction can quickly deteriorate. Some obstacles will present a clearance challenge but careful tire placement will get most vehicles past it without damage. Pinstriping is likely as the trail narrows in spots.
Black Gap OHV Trail – coming soon
Kelly’s Pond Loop (10/21/21: status unknown, may only be FS roads or motorcycle trails and not 4×4 trails)
Glenn Spring OHV Trail – coming soon
The River Road OHV Trail – coming soon
Old Maverick OHV Route – coming soon
Big Bend Ranch OHV Trail – coming soon
Paint Gap Road – coming soon
Williams Ranch Road OHV Trail
Texas 450 Loop – using Lufkin as its epicenter, the 450 Loop uses forest roads, unpaved and paved roads to complete a large circle in East Texas. Dense forests and lakes make this a fun drive to be tackled in one day or over several. The Angeline National Forest and Davy Crockett National Forest offers many hiking and camping spots along the way.
Texas Cheeseburger Loop – Located in central Texas, the Cheeseburger loop has morphed, twisted and turned over the years but generally loops through Sam Houston National Forest and towns like Madisonville to the north and Montgomery and Navasota to the south. It’s made up of forest roads, dirt/gravel roads and paved highways. Some of the unpaved sections can get quite muddy after heavy rains and some have been known to be impassable. There is even a bridge that washed out a few years ago requiring a detour. The beautiful forested scenery makes this a beautiful trek and it is conveniently located to San Antonio, Austin and Houston.
Merus Adventure Park – VR4
The Texas BBQ Crawl
Barnwell Mountain Recreation Area Loop
Padre Island National Seashore Trail

Texas Off-road and OHV Parks Descriptions

MAPS! Click here for a map with the above Texas off road and overland trails.

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