Roaming Responsibly: Embracing Eco-Friendly Overlanding Adventures

Eco Friendly Overlanding

Overlanding is a great way to explore the outdoors and satisfy your adventurous spirit. However, as you roam around with your overland vehicle, it’s important to be conscious of your impact on the environment. Here are some tips to help you enjoy your overlanding trips while being kind to the planet.

  1. Plan ahead Before you hit the road, research the area you’ll be exploring. Use an efficient route to get to your overland destination (at least as much as possible). Avoid multiple trips to civilization for supplies.
  1. Pack out what you pack in It’s simple: whatever you bring in, take it out with you. That includes trash, food waste, and even human waste. Bring along some trash bags and make sure to dispose of your waste properly when you get back to civilization.
  1. Use eco-friendly products When shopping for your overlanding gear, look for eco-friendly products. For example, choose reusable containers instead of disposable ones. Use a water filtration system instead of buying bottled water. And opt for biodegradable soap and cleaning products.
  1. Conserve water Water is a precious resource, especially when you’re on the road. Take short showers and turn off the tap when you’re brushing your teeth. Use a portable toilet or designated facilities when possible to minimize water usage.
  1. Drive responsibly Your vehicle can have a big impact on the environment, so drive responsibly. Keep your speed down to conserve fuel and reduce emissions. Avoid off-roading in sensitive areas, such as wetlands and wildlife habitats. And stick to designated trails and roads to minimize your impact on the land.
  2. Leave no trace When you’re camping, be mindful of your impact on the land. Don’t cut down trees or damage vegetation. Don’t disturb wildlife or their habitats. And if you build a fire, use an existing fire ring or make sure to leave no trace when you’re done.

Probably not a popular topic, but vehicle weight has perhaps the largest impact on the overlander’s environmental impact. The weight of a vehicle can have a significant impact on its fuel economy – and the more fuel used the greater impact.

  1. Increased rolling resistance: A heavier vehicle puts more pressure on the tires, which increases rolling resistance. This means the engine has to work harder to move the vehicle, and therefore uses more fuel.
  2. Aerodynamic drag: The shape and size of a vehicle also affect its fuel economy. A heavier vehicle typically has a larger frontal area and is less aerodynamic, which creates more drag and requires more fuel to overcome.
  3. Power requirements: A heavier vehicle requires a more powerful engine to accelerate and maintain speed, which typically uses more fuel. This is especially true for vehicles with larger engines, which are often used in heavier vehicles.
  4. Braking: Heavier vehicles require more braking force to slow down or stop, which can wear down brake pads and rotors more quickly. This can lead to higher maintenance costs and reduced fuel economy due to increased friction.

Overlanding and offroading is all about enjoying our amazing vehicles in nature so let’s protect the nature we have!

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