Ineos Grenadier American Release

Ineos Grenadier

The Ineos Grenadier, tailored for overlanders, has unveiled pricing and availability details for North America. Starting at $71,500, pre-orders will begin on May 31st, with deliveries slated for Q4 2023. Two Belstaff Editions, Trialmaster and Fieldmaster, will be offered, featuring various enhancements.

Ineos has prioritized comprehensive support, including a nationwide dealer network and hand-picked remote service centers. The Grenadier’s competitive pricing positions it favorably against similar vehicles in the market, such as the Land Cruiser 200 Heritage, Land Rover Defender 130 Outbound, and Mercedes G-Class G550. With its durability, reliability, and purposeful design, the Grenadier aims to be the go-to choice for overland adventures. The classic styling, similar to that of the old Land Rover Defender 110, will no doubt strike a chord with those who always wanted one, but could never get one in America.

Ineos Grenadier Off Road Specifications

Ground Clearance10.4
Approach Angle36.2
Ramp Breakover Angle28.2
Departure Angle36.1
Wading Depth31.5
Front Axle Articulation9
Rear Axle Articulation12
Wheel Travel23
RTI (20 degree ramp)585
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