Are Lexus GX 550 Overland Accessories Overpriced?

Lexus GX550 Overtrail Overland Accessories Roof Rack Rock Sliders

Dealerships (aka “stealerships”) are known for adding a premium to vehicle accessories. They justify the added expense by often covering the accessories in the vehicle warranty. Imagine a suspension lift on your Jeep Wrangler that is covered by the manufacturer… Jeep wobble no more! Sometimes dealerships can offer accessories not available anywhere else (at least not easily). But let’s be honest – most of the time they upsell these accessories at the point of sale when people are most likely to make an emotional purchase, intoxicated by the thought of their new vehicle built out to spec and street ready at pickup.

When Lexus announced their new GX 550 would offer true overlanding accessories we were intrigued. We asked ourselves three questions:

  1. Are the Lexus GX 550 Overtrail accessories available elsewhere?
  2. Are Lexus GX 550 overland accessories overpriced?
  3. Can you buy the Lexus GX550 Overtrail overland accessories on your own?

What we found is that there were some surprises. Let me explain. We found that most Lexus GX 550 Overtrail overland accessories are indeed available from other sources. We used Amazon as a comparison since it’s the world’s largest marketplace. We answered the three questions above and captured the results in the table below.


Lexus GX 550 Overtrail Overland Accessories

  • You can definitely purchase most Lexus GX550 Overtrail overland accessories yourself on sites like Amazon and others – and will save yourself money doing it. (It should be noted there are features specific to the new Lexus GX550 Overtrail that are not available such as the full suspension package or GX550 rock rails made by CBI, but these will probably be available (or similar) in the future).
  • Most Lexus GX 550 Overtrail overland accessories are priced competitively, often equal to the price for a similar product on Amazon.
  • We highlighted where there were differences and found that the biggest differences were with Dometic fridge / coolers and Pelican coolers.
  • If you buy every Lexus GX550 Overtrail overland accessory you will spend $2,407 more than buying each product separately.
  • Some products were not available on Amazon in which case we used the accessory manufacturers website pricing.
  • Pricing is dynamic so the Lexus website and/or Amazon website may get updated impacting price variance.
  • Prices do not include installation.
CategoryNameLexus PriceAlternative PriceAlternative LinkComment
Roof RackCross Bars -Overtrail*$560$150 based on prior year models
Overland FreezerARB Elements Fridge/Freezer$1,649$1,649
Overland FreezerARB Fridge Tie Down Kit$50$50
Overland FreezerARB Fridge Slide Elements$450$450
Overland GearARB Portable Air Compressor 12V$412$412
Overland GearARB Digital Tire Inflator$70$64
Overland GearARB E-Z Deflator Kit PSI Gauge$54$56
Overland GearARB Air Compressor Pump Up Kit$59$94
Overland GearARB Premium Recovery Kit$486$486
Overland GearARB Recovery Kit Weekender$146$146
Overland Traction MattARB TRED Pro Red$330$330
Overland Traction MattARB TRED Pro Gun Metal Grey$330$330
Overland Traction MattARB TRED Pro Mounting Kit$82$82
Overland Roof RackYakima MegaWarrior$599$599
Overland Roof RackYakima OffGrid Cargo Basket, Mounted$599$599
Overland Roof RackYakima KeelOver Canoe Carrier$159$159
Overland Roof RackYakima JayLow J-Cradle Rooftop Kayak Mount$239$239
Overland Roof RackYakima FatCat EVO 6 Black Premium Ski & Snowboard Mount$379$379
Overland FreezerDometic CFX3 75DZ Electric Cooler$1,400$1,379
Overland FreezerDometic CFX3 45 Electric Cooler$1,050$850
Overland FreezerDometic CFX3 55IM Electric Cooler$1,200$977
Overland FreezerDometic CFX3 35 Electric Cooler$980$569
Overland FreezerDometic CFX3 95DZ Electric Cooler$1,550$1,294
Overland FreezerDometic CFX3 25 Electric Cooler$900$695
Overland FreezerDometic CFX3 PC75 Cooler Cover$180$180
Overland FreezerDometic CFX3 PC45 Cooler Cover$150$150
Overland FreezerDometic CFX3 PC35 Cooler Cover$150$150
Overland FreezerDometic CFX3 PC95 Cooler Cover$180$180
Overland FreezerDometic Strap Kit$20$20
Overland FreezerDometic Tie Down Kit$50$50
Overland FreezerDometic CFX3 SLD75 Fridge Slide$400$400
Overland FreezerDometic CFX3 SLD95/100 Fridge Slide$425$425
Overland FreezerDometic CFX3 SLD55 Fridge Slide$350$350
Overland FreezerDometic CFX3 SLD35/45 Fridge Slide$350$350
Portable PowerDometic PLB40 Portable Lithium Battery$900$850
Overland CoolerDometic PATR-20 Ice Chest$170$151 color than Lexus website
Overland CoolerDometic PATR-35 Ice Chest$230$185
Overland CoolerDometic PATR- 55 Ice Chest$280$280
Overland CoolerDometic PATR-75 MIST Ice Chest$350$350
Overland Solar KitDometic OBSIDIAN Series 45W Portable Solar Kit$450$450
Overland Solar KitDometic OBSIDIAN Series 100W Portable Solar Kit$750$550
Overland Roof RackYakima HighRoad$299$223
Overland Roof RackYakima RoadShower (7 Gal.)$559$550
Overland AwningYakima SlimShady 6.5′$389$389
Overland GearARB Camp Chairs$68$68
Overland Air CompressorARB Twin Portable Compressor$990$990
Overland Air CompressorARB Inflation Case II$83$83
Overland Air CompressorARB E-Z Digital Deflator$83$83
Overland CoolerPelican Dayventure Backpack Cooler$290$264
Overland CoolerPelican 45QT Elite Wheeled Cooler$450$450
Overland CoolerPelican 14QT Personal Cooler$120$99
Overland CoolerPelican Dayventure Sling Cooler$180$172
Overland CoolerPelican 20QT Elite Cooler$200$150
Overland Roof RackPelican BX90R Cargo Case$370$328
Overland Roof RackPelican BX140R Cargo Case$480$396
Overland CoolerPelican 30QT Elite Cooler$250$244
Overland Roof RackPelican BX50 Cargo Case$270$250
Overland Roof RackPelican BX80 Cargo Case$320$283
Overland Roof RackPelican RFMT2 Cargo Case Roof Mount Kit$240$211
Overland Rock SlidersRock Rails (Overtrail)$990$1,000 available from Lexus, but made by CBI whose rails sell for about $1,000
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