10 Essential Roof Rack Accessories

Lexus GX 460 Roof Rack

Roof racks – they look cool and they’re really functional. If you got one – here’s 10 essential roof rack accessories you need today!

#10 – Additional Cross Bars –

Most roof racks come with several cross bars that you can mount your shit too. My Prinsu rack came with 8 cross bars which honestly has been plenty for me, but sometimes you need more. Maybe you cheeped out on your roof rack and it only came with like 2 cross bars, or maybe you have a lot of honey’s on top cuz you rave hard, I don’t care. If you find yourself needing more you can usually buy more from the manufacturer. If not, you can buy plain aluminum t-slot bar from sites online.

#9 – Handles –

Reaching stuff on your roof rack usually means grabbing your roof rack and pulling yourself up. You can grab the roof rack side rail but sometimes it’s hard to grab or it’s slick with mud or rain. Like vodka, a handle makes the job a lot easier. It’s also safer! You can also tie stuff to it like a rain fly or a unicorn kite.

roof rack handle

#8 – Fuel/Water can mounts –

If you’re off the grid for days at a time you’re gonna need extra fuel and water. Plus, if you wanna look cool you better put that stuff in cans mounted to the roof rack. Just remember which is which. Water don’t burn in the engine but gasoline in your body burns your butt.

#7 – Pressurized Water/Shower mount –

Taking a shower on the trail is one of the best ways to feel all day fresh. Using a pressurized water tank gives you a shower like spray from above but it’s easier to mount that tank up to the roof versus in the floor board.

waterport mount
waterport mount

#6 – Maxtrax/Traction Matt Mounts –

Getting yourself unstuck on the trails is really important and for that reason you need to have traction matts with you. I like to mount mine to the roof because they’re bulky and get muddy if you use them. Trust me you don’t wanna be putting those muddy/stinky things back in your rig. So put em on the roof!

traction matt mount
traction matt mount

#5 – Awning –

Part of the Overlander Starter Pack, an awning provides protection from the sun and rain when you’re out on the trail. Plus it gets you max followers on your Instagram account. You can easily mount awnings to your roof rack so they’re always there when you need them.

#4 – Noise reducing trim –

If you have a roof rack you probably know they can produce a lot of wind noise. Using noise reducing trim is incredibly helpful for cutting down that wind noise and in reducing the flutter you get at highway speeds.

roof rack wind noise trim
roof rack wind noise trim

#3 – Scene lights –

So you found yourself a killer campsite but you can’t see where you’re walking at night. You just kicked over your Skottle and now dinner is on the ground. Stop the madness and use scene lights attached to your roof rack and never trip over another tree root causing you to spill your craft bourbon. I use amber scene lights on my roof rack because they attract way fewer bugs than the white lights.

#2 – Cases –

Using storage cases on your roof is seriously practical and effective. Case in point (pun intended), I keep all of my recovery gear in a Pelican case mounted to my roof rack. That keeps it from taking up valuable space in the cabin and if I need to use it it’ll be easy to reach on the roof. Cases come in all sizes and dimensions so find the one that works best for you. Lot’s of people prefer a small rectangular one like I have or the long rifle case size like this one.

And the #1 roof rack accessory is……

Ratchet Straps – the number one most useful roof rack accessory, the one guaranteed to get you the furthest with the most happiness and likes on Facebook, are ratchet straps. They can be used in a thousand ways from securing cargo boxes and water jugs to attaching tools like shovels and axes. Yeah – they can be a little annoying putting on sometimes but at the end of the day their flexibility and low price make them the best all-around solution for attaching stuff to your roof rack.

So there you have it – the 10 most essential roof rack accessories. Tell me what you think… am I way off base, snortin’ too much engine oil? What’s on your critical roof rack accessory list? Tell me in the comments.

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