Metal Tech Rock Sliders for Lexus GX460 Review

Metal Tech Rock Sliders Lexus GX460

The Metal Tech Rock Sliders for the Lexus GX460 are a great addition to your overland and off road. They protect your body panels from impacts with rocks and trees on the trail. Additionally, the provide a convenient sturdy step for accessing your roof rack and they look great!

Rock sliders, also known as rock rails, bolt or weld onto your vehicle frame and provide a smooth, strong surface for contact with rocks, trees, burms or other obstacles so that your vehicle body panels don’t come into contact with these. As the name implies – they are meant to “slide” over the obstacle – which separates them from normal running boards you find on vehicles. Running boards are typically very weak (unable to support the weight of the vehicle) and have jagged mounting brackets underneath that will not slide over obstacles easily.

Metal Tech Rock Sliders Review – Lexus GX460

If you are going to drive off road you seriously need to consider whether your driving style will require rock sliders. We personally have them on both our Lexus GX460 as well as our Jeep Wrangler LJ and both have paid for themselves in body damage repair bills.

Our Metal Tech Rock Sliders for Lexus GX460 video is a great introduction to the rock sliders, how they look on the GX460, how they are mounted, and how the Lexus GX trim piece is cut for the rock sliders. Check it out today!

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