Lexus GX Shines at SEMA 2022


SEMA, the annual automotive aftermarket trade show in Las Vegas, continues to expand its focus on off road and overland equipment and rigs. This year there has been an explosion in the number of Lexus GX470 and GX460 off road and overland rig variations compared to previous years. We have captured our favorites from the show so sit back, pop open a Topo Chico, and enjoy dreaming…

Lexus GX470 and GX460

Lexus USA (photo: Carscoops)

Toyota USA (photo: Jess Harmon)

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Nomad (photo: James Schwartz)

@RhinoRack (photo: James Schwartz)

Adventure Rigs (photo: James Schwartz)

photo: Trails Wolves
Photo: Brian McGee

Lexus LX

It’s the bigger brother to the GX and because they share a lot of platform and components we’ve included a few shots here – though we’re admittedly not as focused on it.


Photo: James Murase

Toyota Sequoia

Though not a GX the 2023 Toyota Sequoia is a very impressive vehicle at SEMA and perhaps eludes to Toyota filling a current gap between the 4Runner and Land Cruiser. We included it because – well – it’s awesome and we love it!

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