Lexus GX460 vs 2023 Toyota Sequoia TRD Pro Off Road Specs

2023 Toyota Sequoia TRD Pro vs Lexus GX Off Road


  • Powerful yet efficient engine
  • Comes with Falken Wildpeaks (though not the AT3s you’re thinking of)
  • Tons of electronics – multi-point cameras with offroad trail tire placement indicator, towing modes, terrain select modes, wireless charging, Apple Car Play
  • Truck-like towing capacity
  • Large exterior dimensions allow for roomy interior
  • 14” color touchscreen 
  • Toyota safety electronics version 2.5


  • Hybrid engine doesn’t have same history of longevity as the Toyota V8 engine
  • Not AWD or permanent 4WD
  • Third row seats are not removable and do not lay flat – tough to make a sleeping platform inside
  • Raised cargo floor to accommodate battery package
  • Large exterior dimensions make it larger than many off-road trails

If you are looking to compare the Lexus GX460 against the all new 2023 Toyota Sequoia TRD Pro you’ve come to the right place. We compare the off road specs of both vehicles and show you one clear winner for off road and overland adventures. Is the 2023 Toyota Sequoia good off road? Is the Lexus GX460 better off road?

When Toyota announced that they would no longer sell the Toyota Land Cruiser in the United States it left a hole in the Toyota off-road capable, full size SUV market. Before then, the Land Cruiser (and comparable Lexus LX) offered extremely capable off-road functionality with features like full time four wheel drive, locking center differential and more. While larger than the 4Runner and Lexus GX470 and GX460, they made up for their size with interior luxury and roominess. They also provided a split tailgate that many preferred to the 4Runner lift gate or Lexus GX470 and GX460 barn door. Their engine and reliability were known worldwide as a bulletproof platform.

However, there’s still a market for a Toyota full size SUV that is off-road capable. Enter the 2023 Toyota Sequoia TRD Pro to replace the former Land Cruiser. It fills two different segments – people wanting a full size SUV from Toyota, and people wanting the off-road features of the Land Cruiser without forking over six figures for a Lexus LX 600.

Sequoia TRD Pro Adventurer Westcott Designs Concept
Source: Toyota USA Sequoia TRD Pro Adventurer Westcott Designs Concept

The 2023 Toyota Sequoia TRD Pro offers many off road features such as traction modes with mud, sand, snow, and rock crawling and multi-view cameras with tire placement capabilities. A rear locking differential combined with torquey electric engine power from the hybrid help climb steep inclines. Cool new exterior styling gives it the good looks while flinging mud from the standard 33” Fallen Wildpeaks. It offers better ground clearance of 9.1” (0.8” better than the Lexus GX) on standard 18” wheels. The 2.5” internal Fox bypass shocks keep bumps and bounces under control. 

Unfortunately, the 2023 Toyota Sequoia TRD Pro Off falls short on a few features that experienced off road and overland drivers find useful. For instance, you can only lock the rear differential (no center or front locking differentials). There is no option for permanent four-wheel drive or AWD – rather it comes with a rear wheel drive with selectable four wheel high or four wheel low driving modes. Its large dimensions reduce the approach and departure angles to 23 and 20 degrees respectively (the Lexus GX460 offers 28 degrees approach and 29 degrees departure angles). 


The 2023 Toyota Sequoia TRD Pro Off is designed for people (and their families, and dogs, and gear) to have plenty of room, towing capacity, and on-road manners for 95% of their driving while having a few off road features for that 5% of the time they want to venture off road, perhaps onto even some mildly aggresive terrain. The Sequoia is plenty capable for most soft roading but will struggle on Jeep trails due to its large size and lack of serious traction features.

Off Road Specs

Offroad SpecsLexus GX 460 (14-cur)2023 Toyota Sequoia
Ground Clearance8.19.1
Approach Angle2123
Departure Angle2320
Curb Weight54056150
Towing Capacity65009020

Power and Drivetrain

PlatformLexus GX 460 (14-cur)2023 Toyota Sequoia
Years2010 – current2023-
Engine4.6L V83.5L twin-turbo V6 hybrid
DrivetrainFull-time 4WD2wd w/ 4wd
Locking Ctr DiffYesNo
Low GearYesYes
Seating7 (3rd row folding)7
Doors4 + Swing out tailgate4 + liftgate
Sway Bar DisconnectNoNo
Front/Rear Locking DiffsNoNo
Rear Gear3.31

Off Road Features

OptionsLexus GX 460 (14-cur)2023 Toyota Sequoia
Crawl ControlOY
StabilityY (KDSS)Y
A TracY
Terrain SelectOY

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