NYTOP 2014-Current Lexus GX460 Bull Bar Kit

NYTOP 2014-Current Lexus GX460 Bull Bar Assembly

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Looking for Lexus GX460 front end and off road protection but not ready to cut body panels or make extensive customizations? NYTOP now offers a 2014-Current Lexus GX460 Bull Bar Kit that does not require and cutting, welding or modifications to existing body panels. It provides frontal impact protection to bumper and radiator components.

Engineered in the USA, the 2014-Current Lexus GX460 Bull Bar Kit mounts to the “main rail as well as the bumper beam, providing protection to the OEM bumper and recovery towing points.” Made from 1/8 inch – 3/16 inch high-strength steel, the bull bar will provide protection on the trail as well as on the paved road. According to the manufacturer, the design will not interfere with or prevent existing safety features. Convenient features include mounting holes for 13-slot accessory rails making it easy to attach your off road accessories.

NYTOP 2014-Current Lexus GX460 Bull Bar Assembly
Source: NYTOP.store, 2014-Current Lexus GX460 Bull Bar Assembly

Lexus GX460 Off Road Parts

2014-Current Lexus GX460 Bull Bar Assembly
Source: NYTOP.store, 2014-Current Lexus GX460 Bull Bar Assembly

The NYTOP Lexus. GX460 Bull Bar Kit is a convenient option for installing frontal protection with ease and without requiring cutting body panels. At a price of $1,199.99 it’s not cheap, but still less than similar front protection that does require cutting and customization. Check it out today at: https://www.nytop.store/2014-current-lexus-gx460-bull-bar-kit.

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