How To Fix Squeaky Lexus GX 460 Rear Door – in 30 Seconds!

Lexus GX Squeaky Back Rear Door Fix

Fix a squeaking Lexus GX 460 rear door by installing a new Bofn tailgate latch ( We install this new latch on our GX460 to see if it fixes the squeak on offroad trails and city streets. If you’ve ever noticed a squeaking noise coming from the back of your Lexus GX460 when you hit a bump or drive down a rough trail or street you may need to replace your rear door latch. Bofn is one of a small number of companies (no affiliation to them) that make replacement latches that claim to fix the sqeak. Their design uses a latch that increases in size towards the body of the vehicle to add increasing tension on the rear door versus the stock latch that is flat the entire length. SCROLL DOWN FOR INSTALL VIDEO

Lexus GX Squeaky Back Rear Door Fix
Lexus GX Squeaky Back Rear Door Fix
Lexus GX Squeaky Back Rear Door Fix
Lexus GX Squeaky Back Rear Door Fix

DID IT WORK? So far the latch has significantly decreased the squeaking coming from the back door on paved and rough roads. Occasionally, when hitting a very large hole or bump, or rolling over something that causes extra body twist, I will hear a squeak but this is now the exception rather than the rule. I highly recommend this product! Wish I had done it a long time ago – especially considering it only took about 30 seconds to replace!

Lexus GX Squeaky Back Rear Door Fix
Lexus GX Squeaky Back Rear Door Fix

Video Transcript: good afternoon GX Nation if you’ve everbeen rambling down a dirt road in yourGX? then you know that the rear door is prone to squeaking. hell if you even drive your GX around town you’ll notice that the back door can squeak every once in a while. mine’s squeaking pretty bad. it’s gotten to the point where I want to fix it, so I bought this product from Bofn. racing it replaces the existing rear door latch. we’re going to install it today and hopefully fix that squeaking problem all right so the idea here is that this new door latch is going to replace the existing one it uses the existing Hardware the new latch has these angled pieces to give a tighter fit on the rear door whereas the old one is just flat on both sides what we’re going to do is take our T30 star bit we’re going to take the existing screws out we’re going to reuse that Hardware on the new bracket it’s a very easy installation here fits right into the existing holes sure that there will be some adjustment here and that is part of the design here is that it can be adjusted which is great there you have it that took all of about30 seconds let’s give it a tryI can already tell just by the way that closed that is a lot tighter I mean a lot tighter see here this new bracket looks like it’s in good shape really don’t see any wear and tear on that so I think we’re probably in pretty good shape that’s where my screws are on this new bracket may be differentf or yours just depends on how loose your rear door is so give it a try again this is from Bofn racing I’ll put the link down in the description I’m going to give this a try over the next several weeks I’ll also put comments down in the description to let you know how well it’s working as always I will see you out on the trails thanks for tuning in today check us out on YouTube InstagramFacebook and of course as always on our website have a great day

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